Why does someone who is already doing well use a business coach?

No matter how big or small a business is or how well organized and efficient, there will be challenges or problems from time to time that will require fixing. How you deal with these will depend upon the questions you ask and better questions equal better decisions. A business coach helps you to ask the right questions!

 As a business coach Karen Warden can help you to:

·         Focus your mind and your staff on business development

·         Spend less time reacting or fire-fighting

·         Develop high motivation in yourself and your teams

·         Improve management expertise and responsibilities

·         Allow leaders to work on the business instead of in it

·         Find new customers; retain existing customers; regain lost           customers

·         Plan to strategically outperform the competition

·         Develop a plan to focus upon business growth.

What else can business coaching do for you?

·         Improve skills

·         Plan, discuss and problem solve

·         Clarify goals and values

·         challenge YOUR THINKING

·         Improve delegation skills

·      Achieve balance between work and personal life

·         Improve business relationships.

investing your time and energy into developing yourself and

your business will be well spent and having a business

performance coach alongside you to provide focus and clarity

can make all the difference. 


To discover whether coaching or mentoring is for you why not try it and see. The first session is complimentary. No catch, just arrange a convenient date and time and find out what business performance coaching can do for you and your business.

Call me on +44 (0) 7825 885 661 or email karenw@learning4action.co.uk